Registration Fee: $40.00

Class Pricing

Hours per Week / Cost Per Month 

30 min................. $40.00                   

45/55 min.............$70.00                    .      








Walk-in per hr......$25.00

Unlimited Classes per Month $340.00 Director approval - 11 month signed commitment

(Must pay 1st and last month at the beginning)


Additional Information Rules Regulations


Payment is due on or before the first lesson of each month. Please write student’s name and class on the bottom of the check. There is a $25.00 late fee for any payment received after the first week of the month. If you are taking more than 2 classes a week a late fee of $50.00 will be added to your account.  If payment and late fee has not been received by the 15th, the student will not be admitted to his or her class. We appreciate and thank you for all prompt payments.

* Each class consists of 38 lessons in a 10 month calendar term. (Sept.-June)

* See hand-out for scheduled breaks.

* Please check Facebook page for weather related situations. There are no pro-rates or tuition reimbursements due to snow days or holidays.

* The full monthly payment must be received each month and cannot be prorated for ill-ness, vacations, holidays, etc. Make-up classes can be made up with special arrangements with your instructor or staff.

Dress Code:

Students will need appropriate dance shoes in class, not to be worn outside the studio. This helps keep our dance floor clean from unwanted glass and outside debris, keeping shoes looking nice thus getting longer wear.

* Hair is to be pulled back off the side of your face or as instructed otherwise.

* During class all baggy clothing will have to be removed. Wear leotard, tights, or active wear.

* All age dancers should wash your dance wear after each use. This helps the outfits and dancers look nice and smell clean. Use of deodorant is also suggested for girls and boys 9 and up. (3rd graders).


* DEPOSIT FOR COSTUMES: Around the first part of October you can expect costuming to begin. Each dancer will need a $85.00 deposit per dance. Competition routines need a $85.00 deposit per dance.

* We take great pride in our costuming. Our costumes will be professionally made for us at the best savings possible.



* RECITAL TICKETS: Tickets are about $25.00 (all seats). This varies from year to year. There may be a minimum amount required to purchase from each dancers family to cover facility costs, technician crew and theater staff. Tickets go on sale 2 weeks prior to the performance.

* DVD’s will be sold by Body & Soul for approximately $45.00. Cameras are allowed. NO Video cameras allowed. 

* All monies received are non-refundable (i.e., classes, costumes, tickets, etc.).


* Body & Soul dancers participate in several dance events during the year. If you are interested in participating, please come in or leave a note in the mail box to receive information on locations and costuming commitment and expenses involved.

* Competitive groups may be auditioned for in the beginning of the school year. If you are interested in these groups, contact LeAnne for further information.

* The Recital is put on each year for the benefit of the dancers. This is the one big night for the dancers to perform on stage in a professional performance for which they have worked hard all year.

* Always have student’s hair looking nice and make-up on, costumes in good repair and tights without runners when we do any kind of public appearance. Arrive at least 45 minutes early to be prepared.

* All stage Rehearsal times must be made in order to be in the Recital.

* Forgetting any part of the costume may prohibit the dancer from performing.

* To assure top quality of our Recital in June, it is imperative for all students, April through the Recital, to attend the classes and the show rehearsal.

* Our Recital will be held in the last part of June. You will need to be at the dress rehearsal in order to perform show night.

* Please feel free to call the studio to talk about class projects, as class times are not the appropriate time to get your questions answered.

* Parents please check your E-mail for invoices and upcoming events and information each week. This will keep communication between studio and home good. We also have a bulletin board up for up-coming events and information. Schedule and days off will always be posted on the bulletin and on our Website.  if you loose the dates. Please feel free to leave messages on our voice mail, e-mail or in the mail box.

Thank You!


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